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Since moving to Central Florida, I’ve heard people rave about Yahala Bakery 50 minutes away from the tourist packed corridors of Orlando. On Memorial Day we decided to drive the one-tank trip to the antique shops of Micanopy, stopping for breakfast at Yahala along the way.

The Yahala Bakery serves traditional German pastries, breads and cookies in an atmosphere that, except for the suffocating humidity, is undoubtedly Bavarian.

The Outdoor Dining Area at Yalaha Bakery in Central Florida

The outdoor seating at Yalaha Bakery has a Bavarian charm

Waiting in line on Sunday morning is like working the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. The uninitiated are packed together with the usuals in the tiny bakery lobby as their numbers are called. Families shuffle around each other to get a view of the goodies behind glass in preparation to order.

Here are some the beauties I spotted:

almond horn cookies behind a display case at Yalaha Bakery in Central Florida

Almond Horn cookies behind the display case at Yalaha Bakery in Central Florida

Heart Cookie at Yalaha Bakery

Heart Cookie

Puff Pastry at Yalaha Bakery

Puff Pastry

Wall of Loaves at Yalaha Bakery

Loaves of Bread

We learned to show up early next time. In the 30 minutes we stood gripping our paper number in anticipation, they ran out of the Ham and Cheese Croissant and Fruit and Cheese Pillow that everyone in our party had hearts set on. We ended up with the Cinnamon Stix, Apple Streusel, Almond Croissant and Apple Strudel, all of them to die for.

Cinnamon Stix, Apple Streusel & Almond Croissant at Yalaha Bakery

Our Breakfast: Cinnamon Stix, Apple Streusel & Almond Croissant

If you’re a coffee snob, my advice is to bring your own. Yalaha’s coffee is just plain old drip brew that slowly burns in a glass carafe.

We were there on a Sunday. Hymns and folk music were performed by Pastor Tom Barnhill, though this is not advertised like the music on Saturday.

Nearby is a fresh produce stand. We visited it as well and left with Amish cheese, butter and a bag of onions. There is a blueberry field out back and you can pick your own.

fresh picked blueberries in a basket

Fresh picked blueberries

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