A Flying Dream Come True

Skydiving, base-jumping and bungee have never appealed to me. I can imagine the motivation for doing these activities, but never thought I would be able to kill the fear and jump. But then my friend Antonio Macedo, a skydiving adrenaline addict, showed me some videos of wingsuit proximity flying.

My Favorite Google Tricks

1.    Calculator: type an equation into the search bar to solve it. •    simple arithmetic: 1 + 1 •    calculating a tip: 42.12 * .20 •    calculating a car payment: 20000 * ( 0.005 / (1 – (1 + 0.005) ^ -60)) •    Gravity times pi: G * pi •    speed of light – speed […]

Without His Voice, Ebert Returns to Normal Life in Writing

I’ve always felt a kinship with film critic Roger Ebert. I preferred his informed writing to his famous “thumbs up” TV persona. I lost enthusiasm for cinema when his tenure on “At The Movies” ended in 2006 and his film reviews became infrequent. I’ve only recently rediscovered my passion for cinema though the quality of recent films may have played a part.